Worm Ouroboros Worm Ouroboros

Although the band in question are considered ambient, chamber rock or post-rock (as if the world needed more sub-sub-sub-genres), Profound Lore Records has nevertheless released this self-titled debut. Bay Area trio Worm Ouroboros feature members from Amber Asylum, World Eater and the Gault. For this project, however, the music is kept fragile, subtle and delicate, while occasionally dwelling on heavier, doom-y elements. Instrumentation is mainly clean electric guitar and bass, with welcomed intrusions from distorted guitar and percussion. Bassist Jessica Way and guitarist Lorraine Rath (the latter also did the stunning album art) grace the down-tempo music with haunting vocal arrangements. With the bulk of the tunes clocking in at over seven minutes, it's hard to conceive how Worm Ouroboros managed to keep the album from getting either boring or self-indulgent, but they have. Although likely the most depressing and desolate album imaginable, it is nevertheless masterfully crafted and delivered. (Profound Lore)