Woolworm "Bad Thing"

Woolworm 'Bad Thing'
Woolworm jokingly call themselves "blanket rock," and that's ultimately the best description. A lovable mix of twee, indie rock, and the good kind of emo, the band are made up of Vancouver hardcore kids who want to slow it down and soundtrack your nap in the best way possible.

I first discovered them on the must-have Vancouver cassette compilation Vancouver Simplification, and was delighted to see that their Myspace page is full of addictive melancholy. "Bad Thing" is a mid-tempo indie bummer that reminds me of a much more subdued Kind of Like Spitting or Sunny Day Real Estate, all swarming, cozy guitars and quiet vocals that get strained at the chorus.

Listen to Woolworm's "Bad Thing," along with three other gems, here.