Wolf Eyes

Stabbed in the Face

BY Mike AdairPublished Jul 1, 2004

A precursor to the band’s upcoming full-length release (rumoured to be called Burned Mind), the "Stabbed in the Face” single is an abstract work of noise music. Printed on vinyl with hand-made sleeves, the album also features "Rat Floods” and "Stabbed (Instrumental)” as b-sides. Wolf Eyes are well known for their alienating and broken apart attempts at non-music. This single is no exception. As you put the needle down you will wonder if your record player is broken. Piercing scratching and static sounds introduce Wolf Eyes’ latest work, and they probably love the thought of hundreds of people checking to see if their needle still works. If Stabbed in the Face is a sign of things to come, fans of noise music will want to keep an eye out this summer for Wolf Eyes’ full-length release from Sub Pop.
(Sub Pop)

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