Wipers The Power In One

Greg Sage has remained one of the most criminally unrecognised players in the American punk scene for close to 20 years. Starting out with the Wipers in 1980, Sage's music has been recognised as legendary by many of the musicians that have helped shape popular alternative music. The tribute to him released on Tim Kerr Records in the mid-'90s, which featured the likes of Nirvana, was proof of that. Yet, despite the indifference of the majority of the record buying public, Sage and his Wipers continue to release quality records each time out. Led by Sage's sinewy lead guitar riffs, the band plays in a gothic-tinged post-punk style that is timeless. The record could have been recorded in 1980 or yesterday, and it wouldn't have made it sound any different. Fourteen tracks in all, The Power in One is well worth the time invested in getting a copy. (Zeno)