Winnipeg's the Details Blow Off Kim Fowley, Independently Release Lost Art

Winnipeg's the Details Blow Off Kim Fowley, Independently Release <i>Lost Art</i>
Winnipeg indie rock quartet the Details hinted at big things to come when they dropped The Original Mark EP in late 2010. As promised, the five-song collection was a lead-up for their sophomore album, Lost Art.

Lost Art follows the Details' 2007 debut Draw a Distance. Draw a Border with another batch of well-written rock songs. While "Surface Breaks" and "The Original Mark" also appeared on last year's EP, this album is a cohesive whole, thanks in part to the production efforts of the Weakerthans' guitarist Stephen Carroll and the National's engineer Brandon Reid.

 Though Lost Art is self-released, it almost fell into the major label world after the Details played at SXSW. According to a press release, the group shared an elevator with notorious record producer Kim Fowley, who has worked with Kiss and the Runaways, among many others. After hearing the band's first album, he was actively pursuing them with offers to fly out to California and ink a record deal.

Instead of the movie-esque montage of hedonism and giant piles of money followed by a harsh come-down, Lost Art will be independently released by the Details on May 31. Album track "Weightless in the Dark" can be downloaded here.

Lost Art:

 1. "Satellites"

2. "Vulture Mechanics"

3. "Weightless in the Dark"

4. "The Original Mark"

5. "Lazy Activists"

6. "Landscapes"

7. "Voices Fall"

8. "Paperweights"

9. "Gravesend Funerals"

10. "Surface Breaks"

11. "Lost Art"