Winds The Imaginary Direction of Time

The metal in Winds is almost subordinate to the classical, particularly falling prey to captivating and nearly Chopin-esque piano sounds. With multiple layers of complexity — harmonies and counterpoint, demonstrations of virtuosity, classical piano and strings alongside neoclassical electric guitars — The Imaginary Direction of Time skirts the border of over-the-top showmanship. But coming in safely below that mark, Winds push things just enough for a serious perceptual challenge without getting too carried away with their own capabilities. The Imaginary Direction of Time is rich in imagery and its song titles — names like "What Is Beauty?,” "Under the Stars,” "A Moment of Reflection” — lie in close connection to the music they stand for. Despite the loud electric guitars, listening to Winds’ third album is kind of like getting lost in a period-piece movie, 19th century atmosphere swirling around with 21st century modernity and technology. (The End)