Windhand Eternal Return

Windhand Eternal Return
Richmond, VA four-piece Windhand return with their new record, Eternal Return, and this time around, they have stripped down the noise and effects, and gone for a more natural sound. Eternal Return sees Windhand embrace who they are and excel at what they do best.
Windhand's new approach gives room for ideas to fully form. "Grey Garden" and the Nirvana-infused "Pilgrim's Rest" are tracks where the band doesn't sound like it is fighting against its natural inclinations. Eternal Return combines the doom and folk elements throughout an entire record instead of just occasional interludes. Vocalist Dorthia Cottrell's voice is not drowned in effects or fighting against guitar feedback. Having her voice out at the forefront really helps push the melodic elements of the band, and expands their appeal well beyond the realm of metal music.
Another surprising twist is some outstanding guitar solos. The work on "Halcyon" and "Red Cloud" are what guitar solos are supposed to be — tasteful, and emotional peaks on the record. There is nothing overly technical about the guitar work on this record, it just works the way it is suppose to.
Eternal Return is a lesson in subtraction, and becoming the band Windhand were meant to be all along. (Relapse)