Wildildlife Six

Surely taking their moniker from the Talking Heads’ late ’80s hit, San Francisco’s Wildildlife’s debut full-length Six demands attention from noise/experimental fans. After a lengthy intro, Matthew J. Rogers’ guitar in "Things Will Grow” resembles the most "out there” tones that Stephen Brodsky could ever coax from Cave In proper, while "Tungsten Steel-Epilogue” flirts with pop structures played in a Harvey Milk-like power-violence cacophony. "Whooping Church” sounds like a Mandible Chatter-esque collage punctured throughout by sonic worms. The 18-minute "Magic Jordan” takes its cues from the Doors’ "The End,” Pink Floyd’s "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” and David Crosby’s "Cowboy Movie,” crescendoing in massive, crashing movements and plentiful bell trees. The bass buoyant "Feed” could be from an anti-King Crimson in a parallel universe, while the final two tracks, "Kross” and "Nervous Buzzing,” are exclusively inspired by the Melvins. Toeing the line between cunning and codswallop, Wildildlife’s music is best illustrated by the mosaic skull on their album cover: spooky, crazily colourful and inviting inquiries. (Crucial Blast)