Wild Nothing

The Opera House, Toronto ON, May 5

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Max MohenuPublished May 6, 2016

Upon first listen, Wild Nothing's latest album, Life Of Pause, demonstrates a change in Jack Tatum's approach to exploring new sounds and song structure, stepping out of his dream-pop confines to embrace bold new levels of artistry. A similar transformation took place onstage last night (May 5) at Toronto's Opera House, as the usually awkward Tatum burst onstage and immediately got right into his set with "To Know You."
Fans danced along with Tatum, who was charismatic as he shredded murky guitar riffs over siren synths, basking in a light show fit for a stadium affair. Tatum greeted the crowd with a big smile, seemingly more confident onstage than ever before. The band revisited the Gemini era with "Live In Dreams" and "Summer Holiday," two old jams updated with more crystalline synth lines and guitar hooks that took them out of the bedroom haze in which they were created. The room sang along to these classics with Tatum, whose vocals grew more full and bumptious as the night progressed.
Smokey blue lights covered the stage for "Whenever I," setting the perfect mood for the track's jazz percussion and murky bass lines. Swelling synths bubbled up under the guitar quivers that introduced "Reichpop," another Life Of Pause highlight that got the crowd moving. Wild Nothing left the stage only to be barraged with the classic "one more song" chants, and Tatum and his band immediately obliged the encore request.
They played "Life of Pause" and a few more classics before the night ended with a huge ovation, Wild Nothing showing their gratitude before exiting the stage. "You guys are the best," Tatum said as the crowd applauded one of his best Toronto performances to date.

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