Wild Nothing Indigo

Wild Nothing Indigo
Jack Tatum's dream pop project Wild Nothing puts a unique harmonic spin on '80s synth-pop with new record Indigo, a record defined by rich production and hypnotic beats.  
Indigo is done with a lot of sincerity, and it shows. The attention in sticking to the original blueprint of retro synth-pop and keeping the sounds soft and the structure easy going makes this record endlessly playable. Faster tracks like "Letting Go" hook you with cooing vocals and liberal guitar strumming, while major highlight "Partners in Motion" sports a new wave vibe with prominent keyboards and drums for an all-around light and laidback track.
Tatum's vocal range has gotten better with each release since debut album Gemini in 2010, but it's still a weaker element on Indigo. The auto tune and vocal mixing comes off as abrasive and overwhelming rather than fitting in with the rest of the instrumentals; "Oscillation," for example, is a great song with a steady groove, but the vocals ruin the experience somewhat.
Otherwise, Indigo pleasantly recreates the sounds of 80s synth-pop, making for another winning chapter in their discography. (Captured Tracks)