Why Was Drake Wearing a Dinosaur Spine on Stage?

The main Drake question on everyone's mind this week, for sure

Photo: The Come Up Show

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 7, 2024

Finally, we're reporting on the top Drake story of the week — well, the top Drake story if you've escaped the hellscape that is Twitter X. Though this one also has to do with a bone, as he's been sporting a dinosaur spine on the opening dates on his It's All a Blur Tour — Big as the What? (Bank the latter half of this tour's name for later).

Beyond the fact that Drizzy likes to play dress up, apparently, his Shell Shocker get-up had a deeper meaning, which he explained to his crowd in Tampa, FL, on February 4 after being clowned for it at the tour's opening show two days earlier.

"Everybody had jokes yesterday, asking why I wore the spine out here. I wore the spine because most of these guys that I look in the eyes are spineless as fuck, so I had to wear the whole backbone," he philosophized. "Plus, we made that shit out of the skeletons you got in your closet, so be careful who you talking to."

Of course, this happened shortly before Drake's own skeletons hopped out of his closet. A video of allegedly him jerking off made the rounds earlier this week, which has seemingly since been scrubbed from the web. He seemed to be taking the invasion of privacy in stride, reportedly writing in a since-deleted Instagram story, "I wasn't hiding my meat from the world, I was hiding the world from it."

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