The Wheat Pool Township

The Wheat Pool have devoted many of their prairie days to touring and performing in and around their hometown of Edmonton, AB. With no problem whatsoever, they’ve managed to catch the ears of country rock aficionados around town but with the release of their first full-length album, Township, the entire country will be craving more of their good ol’ whiskey-steeped tunes. Township boasts an addictive mix of sincere, heartbreaking melodies and rock enthusiasm thanks to the penmanship of Rob and Mike Angus. Accessible, organic and marbled with loneliness and desolation, "Neil Young” and "Emily Carr” bring out the melancholy hopeful in us all, while songs like "Evergreen” and "Geographic Center of Canada” are catchy boot-clicking tunes. If you can picture yourself sitting at a bar, picking at the sticky wooden splinters as you sip on a beer and reflect on a life that could be, then Township is the record you should be listening to next time you pick up that pint. (Shameless)