Whatever You Do Please Don't Compare Beastie Boys to 311

Whatever You Do Please Don't Compare Beastie Boys to 311
Before Magic! were carrying the mantle, white reggae pop was proudly produced by 311. The band have nearly approached Smash Mouth-levels of post-ironic appreciation these days, but they're still a punchline to be sure. For example, in a recent interview Beastie Boys' Mike D said they haunt his dreams.

The artist sat down with Vulture to discuss his life and legacy, and he dropped plenty of choice quotes. Most notably, however, he said his worst nightmare is that one day someone will compare his band to the one who famously sang "amber is the colour of your energy."

Read the relevant passage below. 

Are you seeing the Beastie Boys' influence anywhere in the culture these days?

It's interesting, because there are so many things that I appreciate musically, but I don't ever think of them as
Oh wow, that's like what we did. I just don't see things through that lens. Something that always makes me cringe is when somebody says, "You gotta hear this. They're like you guys." That usually doesn't end well.

Can you remember something you've been played that was supposed to sound like the Beastie Boys?

This is an old thing, but I remember seeing Dee Barnes at a club and she said, "You've gotta hear this new group, Cypress Hill. There's something about their voices that reminds me of you." That's kind of the best-case scenario.

What's the worst-case scenario?

Not that it's ever happened, but my fear would be that someone would be like, "311. You love those guys, right?" I'm sure they're nice people — [their music] isn't my cup of tea.

Beastie Boys' classic albums Licensed to Ill, Ill Communication, Check Your Head and Paul's Boutique are available on vinyl through Umusic.