​Weird Lines The Ship, St. John's NL, May 5

​Weird Lines The Ship, St. John's NL, May 5
Photo: Noah Bender
Sackville's Weird Lines are the off-kilter indie rock outlet for songwriters CL McLaughlin and Julie Doiron, and their Lawnya Vawnya set was raw and emotive. Featuring Jon McKiel on bass and James Anderson on drums, Weird Lines felt compelled to take us on a dynamic trip. 
They went from stomping rockers to makeshift ballads, letting their rickety frames collapse onto themselves so they might reconstruct them with krazy glue. A sax player wailed so hard that Jennifer Castle, watching Weird Lines, could only describe the whole set as "saxophonous."
That was as good a term as any to try and capture the sound of Weird Lines. With McLaughlin nursing a painful collarbone injury but soldiering on, there was something heroic about this off the rails set that was striking and entertaining.