Weird Lines Mainstage Tent, Sackville NB, July 31

Weird Lines Mainstage Tent, Sackville NB, July 31
Photo: Stephen McGill
"I sneezed into my beer and it got on my glasses. Anyone have a shirt to clean it off on?" asekd Weird Lines' C.L. McLaughlin a few minutes into the set, which was beginning to veer slightly in SloppyFest territory.
Luckily for McLaughlin, Julie Doiron and the rest of the band helped keep it together, and the Maritime supergroup put on a great show. With none of the technical concerns that Doiron had earlier in the evening with the Wooden Stars, Weird Lines sounded right and tight as they played their energetic fare from their self-titled debut.
The doo-wop feel of "Twin Summers" was a crowd pleaser, backed by the cheeriest saxophone players known to man (honestly, they were fighting smiles while playing); "Summer Can" and "Between The Lamppost (You And I)" felt very rock'n' roll and heavier than their record lets on; and "One Fell Swoop" was an awe-inducing example of pure auditory sugar. Doiron looked far more comfortable in this setting, despite seeming a tad concerned about McLaughlin, whose guitar kept unplugging, and the status of his amp. "C.L can't hear in one ear, so sometimes we worry that his amp is too loud," Doiron explained. Ah, musicians in love, working together, always a sight to see.
"Can everyone come on stage and hug me? I would really like that," said McLaughlin at set's end, eventually settling on hugging his bandmates instead.