Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Is Using AI to Write Tweets, and It's Really Going Off the Rails

His response to the war in Ukraine? "BLAST SOME WEEZER"
Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Is Using AI to Write Tweets, and It's Really Going Off the Rails
Artificial intelligence has practically everyone wondering whether their jobs are about to be replaced by machines — but it appears that social media managers' jobs are safe, at least for now. Proof of this can be found on the Twitter feed of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, who has been using the language-prediction model GPT-3 to compose his tweets — and the results are quite unhinged.

Cuomo has been using AI on Twitter for a few months now. Back in December, he raised eyebrows with tweets like, "I'm down. Let's make a funky bop about femboys and their unique style. Femboy fashion, count down to my new bop, I won't rest till I drop and the crowd goes YEET. #FemboyFever."

He has since deleted most of those initial AI tweets, but the madness has continued on his feed. This week, in response to a tweet about the Russian invasion of Ukraine (and a quote from ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus), he tweeted, "Haha, it may have taken me a few thousand years but I've got to say I think Aeschylus and I have come to the same conclusion- BLAST SOME WEEZER." That's a fairly non-traditional approach to foreign affairs, especially during wartime — but hey, maybe it's worth a try?
Elsewhere, the AI has been making promises that Cuomo presumably has no intention of keeping, like offering to collaborate with a little-known band called Half Catholic and discussing possibly touring in South America. Are these tweets legally binding?

It's not fully clear what, if any, oversight Cuomo is maintaining over the AI tweets. Back in December, he broke the fourth wall by responding to one of his own tweets (about the band's single "I Want a Dog"), acknowledging that it was written by GPT-3. Beyond that, it's difficult to know if Cuomo is keeping on top of what his Twitter account has been saying lately.

Weezer just announced a 2023 tour of North America. Hopefully the real Cuomo goes out on the road, and not an AI replacement.