Weezer Tease Next Album via New Studio Footage

Weezer Tease Next Album via New Studio Footage
Weezer's new album has been a long time coming, since they started talking about the follow-up to 2010's Hurley around the same time that album was released. The band said last fall that they would be recording in the new year, and now they've confirmed that they're in the studio by sharing a brief clip.

The teaser, which you can watch below, is only 20 seconds long and consists of shaky camera work and VHS-quality footage, as we see the dudes performing while gathered in a small room. The accompanying snippet of music sounds like classic Weezer with hard-hitting rhythms and melodic guitar leads.

The snippet ends with the words "in the studio now," leaving no doubt as what this means. The band have additionally posted a couple of photos from the studio on Tumblr.

Interestingly, another image on Tumblr shows Weezer's distinctive "=w=" logo painted on a wall, along with the Republic Records logo. Hurley came out on Epitaph following the end of the band's contract with Geffen, but now it seems that they may have teamed with Republic. (Like Geffen, Republic falls under the Universal Music Group umbrella.)

Prior reports suggested that Weezer's new album would be recorded with Ric Ocasek, who also helmed the band's self-titled Blue (1994) and Green (2001) albums. It's unclear whether this is still the plan.

Weezer premiered a new song called "Back to the Shack" on the recent Weezer Cruise. Watch that below the new studio clip.