Weeknd Producer Illangelo Announces Debut Album

Weeknd Producer Illangelo Announces Debut Album
After working behind the boards for the likes of the Weeknd, Drake, Lady Gaga and Wiz Khalifa, Toronto producer Illangelo (a.k.a. Carlo Montagnese) is striking out on his own with a solo LP titled History of Man.

A press release notes that the LP, which Bromance US drops August 20, was inspired by John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost." The song cycle is apparently arranged as a 10-chapter "cinematic electronic soundscape" intended to be experienced as a single opus. That said, Illangelo is previewing a single track ("Crash Landing") to whet our appetites.

According to press material, the track "takes place at a committee hearing where the board members attempt to piece together the escape of our protagonist, Prisoner #870729." You'll have to take Illangelo's word for it, as it's an instrumental tune flooded with wobbly synths and clicky-tick electronic percussion.

History of Man:

Chapter I: One Dreamy Hum
Chapter II: Crash Landing
Chapter III: The Escape
Chapter IV: Farewell 
Chapter V: The Haunting 
Chapter VI: War
Chapter VII: Seven Phases
Chapter VIII: A Strange World
Chapter IX: Shattered Paradise
Chapter X: The Forsaken Ones