The Weeknd Gets His Own Custom XO Vape

The Weeknd Gets His Own Custom XO Vape
We've seen some interesting merch over the years, from Wavves' weed grinders to the Sword's "stash box." Those prior products pale in comparison, however, to noir & B enigma the Weeknd's latest item: an XO-adorned vaporizer.

Designed by the Weeknd in partnership with PAX Labs, this is a limited-edition vape that's being made to celebrate the singer's North American fall tour. The product is dubbed the Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX 2, and it includes a yellow LED light and the engraved logo from the Weeknd's XO crew. There are even some hidden features; once unlocked, it will play a tone from the Weeknd's hit "The Hills" when turned on and off.

PAX Labs is an official sponsor of the Weeknd's tour. As such, the vaporizers are available to buy at concerts, in addition to being sold online and at select retail stores. The vaporizer can be purchased for $430.94 CAD. It comes with a charging cradle, USB cord, cleaning kit and two mouthpieces.

"As one of the most exciting and relevant musicians today, the Weeknd was the ideal artist for an exclusive PAX 2 device collaboration," PAX Labs exec Richard Mumby said in a statement. "Abel [Tesfaye] has a distinct and discerning style, and he has provided a new and unexpected way for us to showcase our brand. We are always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and fans, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring together the Weeknd's style with our technology."

See schedule for "The Madness Fall Tour" right here. The outing kicks off tonight (November 3) in Toronto.