We Are Scientists


BY Jessica LewisPublished Jun 15, 2010

This Brooklyn, NY-based duo have established themselves as hilarious nerds in the past, but this time around, with the release of their fourth full-length, they've found a way to transform the goofiness into a solid presence as rule makers in their own game. From the funny leaflet in the CD case, entitled "Rules of Romance," and their blog series for UK newspaper The Guardian, where they present other types of rules on life to the lyricism of Barbara, they've got it down. Keith Murray and Chris Cain roped in ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows to complete the quirky, simple American pop rock that admittedly, serves up a good amount of hooks. However, it's the snarky lyricism underneath that makes you question their position as class clowns and the motivation for rules in the first place.

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