We Are the City 'PXTK' (live EP) / "King David" (live video)

We Are the City 'PXTK' (live EP) / 'King David' (live video)
BC prog-pop outfit We Are the City have been promoting their album Violent, and this previously included a summer headlining show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. Now, they have shared some live recordings from that gig in the form of the free EP PXTK.

The EP consists of live versions of five songs from Violent. They are available to download right here.

Not only have the band released PXTK in audio form, they are rolling out live clips for each of the tunes, starting with "King David." Filmed at the same gig, it features colour-tinted footage filmed with fixed cameras in some unusual locations on stage. The description accompanying the clip explains, "Footage is largely from surveillance cameras controlled and projected by We Are the City while playing." Watch it below.

Expect the rest of the clips to emerge at one-week intervals.

We Are the City are on tour across Canada with Shad. See the schedule here.