Waxwork Give 'Trick 'r Treat' Score Deluxe Vinyl Release in Time for Halloween

Waxwork Give 'Trick 'r Treat' Score Deluxe Vinyl Release in Time for Halloween
Michael Dougherty's 2007 film Trick 'r Treat has emerged as something of a modern cult classic in recent years, and soon the horror-comedy flick's soundtrack will be coming to vinyl for the first time. Just in time for Halloween, it will be out on October 28 on Waxwork Records.

The score was penned by Douglas Pipes. He oversaw the assembly of this package, which was especially mixed for vinyl and contains more than an hour of music spread across two records.

The vinyl is available in three colour variants: black and orange swirl, 180-gram orange, or "candy corn splatter." There's also a picture disc version. The art was designed by Marvel/DC comics artist Francensco Francavilla. You can see some of those variants below.

As an extra bonus, the album comes with a poster, liner notes by Pipes and Dougherty, and a Spooky Sound FX bonus album created with the audio stems from the film. A press release describes the sound effects — assembled by sound designer Evan Chen — as "perfect for a haunted house, or to spook your neighbours this Halloween season."

Pre-orders will begin on October 14. For now, scroll past the tracklist below to see a trailer for the film, which stars Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, and a creepy, mask-wearing trick-or-treater named Sam who enforces Halloween traditions. A four-song sampler from the soundtrack is also below [via The Dissolve].

Trick 'r Treat:

A1. Spooky Guidelines

A2. It's Halloween, Not Hanukkah / Main Title

A3. Meet Charlie

A4. Charlie Bites It

A5. Father and Son

A6. Meet Rhonda

A7. To the Quarry

B1. The Halloween Schoolbus Massacre

B2. The Elevator / Laurie On The Prowl

B3. Halloween Prank

B4. Not a Trick / Red and Black

B5. Laurie's First Time

C1. Old Mr. Kreeg

C2. Pumpkin Shooter / Meet Sam

C3. The Bus Driver

C4. The Neighborhood

C5. Trick 'r Treat

C6. End Credits

D1. Emma

D2. Always Check Your Candy

D3. Wilkins' Backyard

D4. Rock Quarry

D5. Sheep's Meadow

D6. Old Mr. Kreeg's House