Watch Wade MacNeil in the Dirty Nil's New Video for "The Light, the Void, and Everything"

The song appears on their 2023 album 'Free Rein to Passions'

BY Nika Petrosian Published Sep 21, 2023

Wade MacNeil — of Alexisonfire, Gallows and Dooms Children — appears in the Dirty Nil's new music video for "The Light, the Void, and Everything," from this year's Free Rein to Passions.

The Wyatt Clough-directed music video, which pays homage to David Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet, features an exact replica of the apartment from the film, with frontman Luke Bentham as Ben, and MacNeil as Frank Booth. The video pays homage to the scene from the film in which Ben, played by Dean Stockwell, uses a lamp as a microphone stand to sing "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison to Dennis Hopper's character, Frank Booth.

"Wade was perfect in the role of Frank and it was a pleasure to watch him play the villain," Bentham said in a press release. "Everyone owes it to themselves to croon into a lightbulb, at least once in their life."

You can catch Bentham and co. at Collective Arts' A Creative Trip tomorrow (September 22), when they DJ Friday night's after-party festivities. Later this month, the band are heading out on tour, hitting a bunch of stops in Ontario, as well as a lone Quebec performance in Montreal. 

Check out MacNeil in the Dirty Nil's music video below.

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