Watch Rammstein's Intense 60-Hour Stage Setup in Timelapse

The band are gearing up for a massive world stadium tour

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 28, 2020

While they gear up to hit a massive world tour, Rammstein have shared a sneak peek of what's to come in their live "pyro-theatrical experience" this summer.

Revealing what is apparently a 60-plus-hour process, Rammstein posted an intense timelapse video of their tour crew outfitting a stadium in Dresden, Germany. The entire process is highly coordinated, taking place over the span of seven days and with the help of multiple 18-wheelers and over 400 crew members carting in flooring, lights, decorative stage elements and sound equipment.

"Going into stadiums, you can only bring in about 10 trucks at a time, so you have to make sure you bring in the right one at the right time for what it's got in it, that there are enough people around," Rammstein lighting director Roland Griel told Kerrang! last summer. "I think they've got the load out down to four and a half hours now. Then they get in the trucks and drive 500 kilometres to the next show. Then they load all the pyro and lights, which takes about eight hours. Repeat that until the tour is over!"

The band will recreate the Dresden set up in 38 cities on their upcoming tour, including a solo stop in Canada at Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau. You can see Rammstein's full tour schedule here.

Watch the band's stage setup video below.

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