Watch Rainn Wilson Get "The Weezer Experience" with a Tour of the Galapagos

Watch Rainn Wilson Get 'The Weezer Experience' with a Tour of the Galapagos
As previously reported, Weezer revealed a couple of months ago that someone had bought the $25,000 version of their most recent self-titled album, which somehow included a Greyhound ride to the Galapagos Islands with Rivers Cuomo. Onetime The Office star Rainn Wilson is the guy that ponied up the dough, apparently — or at least that's according to a new Funny or Die sketch.

The Funny or Die segment has Wilson meeting up with Cuomo at a film studio soundstage, where the band leader incredulously notes how surprised Weezer were that someone actually bought the vaycay package. "It is real?" Wilson says with a hint of concern before being ushered into his guided tour.

The rest of the comedy clip finds the Weezer bandleader doing his best John Hammond impersonation, Panama hat and all, as he details the gorgeous sight and smells of a Galapagos turtles and bump head parrot fish. Thing is, these are just being presented on a film screen.

You'll find a befuddled Wilson trying to figure out if his money was well spent or not by giving the skit a peep down below.

As previously reported, Weezer's latest self-titled set, colloquially known as "The White Album," was released earlier this spring. You'll find Exclaim!'s review of the collection over here.