Watch Lido Pimienta's Documentary on the Making of 'Miss Colombia'

Follow 'The Road to Miss Colombia' with the 18-minute film below
Watch Lido Pimienta's Documentary on the Making of 'Miss Colombia'
Photo: Daniella Murillo
Lido Pimienta's Miss Colombia is one of Exclaim!'s 50 Best Albums of 2020, and the artist has now shared a documentary on the making of her Grammy-nominated effort.

The Road to Miss Colombia can be viewed through YouTube below, where Pimienta is also raising money for the Texas Civil Rights Project.

"This doc is the culmination of six years of work," Pimienta shared in a press release. "I knew Miss Colombia was going to be an important body of work for me, and reveal a lot about my life, but what I didn't quite know back then was the HOW. Now I can sit back knowing that I have an homage to my place of birth, a reconciliation. Everyone that took part in the process can know that we honoured Miss Colombia, and now I can move on and kiss it goodnight!"

Miss Colombia recently earned a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album, and had been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in September.

In July, Miss Colombia was short listed for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize, an honour that Pimienta's sophomore album La Papessa captured in 2017