Watch Kurt Vile's '(bottle back)' Documentary

The film features the Sadies and Matt Sweeney

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 3, 2019

Earlier this week, Kurt Vile and the Sadies released a video of a super chill jam session filmed in the Catskill Mountains. Today, we have the full documentary associated with the clip courtesy of Matador.

The documentary — directed by Ryan Scott — is titled (bottle back) and predates the release of Vile's 2018 record Bottle It In. The film features appearances from Vile speaking about the (then) new record, as well as the Sadies and Zwan/Chavez member Matt Sweeney.

Together, the musicians perform acoustic versions of a few Vile tunes, notably "Bassackwards," and the previously released "Baby's Arms." An electric version of "Check Baby" also appears in the film.

Watch (bottle back) below.

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