Watch Edmonton Pop Punks Calling All Captains Open for the Offspring in New Documentary

'Made for This' also follows their six-year career to this point

Photo By Ruel James

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published May 28, 2020

With shows a distant dream, pop punks Calling All Captains are taking us back to the biggest one they ever played: Edmonton's K-Days. The hometown gig opening for the Offspring found the quintet playing for 8,000 people, so they filmed a mini-documentary called Made for This that tracks the day and the six years that led to it.

The huge opportunity came at the end of a 60-day U.S. tour, which only made the group appreciate it more. Guitarist Brad Bremner underlines the scope near the beginning of the 35-minute video, revealing the band didn't play to "a third of the amount of people" over the two-month run. All these shows were in support of their Equal Vision Records debut EP, Nothing Grows Here

Calling All Captains explain their decision to capture the concert:

Opening for the Offspring at K Days was by far the biggest show we've had in our music careers to date. We knew how easy it would be for moments like this to pass and memories to fade, so we hired a film crew to help capture it all. Sam [Reid] and Justin [Kueber] have an amazing creative vision and turned this into something really special that we hope will inspire people to chase their dreams as hard as we've chased ours.

Reid and Keuber comprise Guerrilla Motion Pictures, and they jointly reveal both the reason they signed on and the goal of the project:

The first time we met Calling All Captains, we could instantly see they exuded so much passion towards their craft. Our goal with the documentary was to capture that raw, honest passion and show that, with hard work and dedication, you can follow your dreams, make meaningful music and make a name for yourself on the big stage. Hopefully, by the end of the film, you can see Calling All Captains were truly Made for This.

You can make up your mind after watching it in the player below.

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