Watch Billie Joe Armstrong Surprise a Band Covering Green Day in London

The American Idiot joined the cover of "Basket Case" while on Holiday

BY Ben OkazawaPublished May 15, 2023

British alt-rock band Borderline Toxic had the shock of a lifetime the other night when Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong climbed on stage while they were covering his song "Basket Case." 

The band, headed by Kerry Glass, were playing a set at Slim Jim's Liquor Store, a dive bar in London where Armstrong happened to be having a drink. A video posted to Green Day's Instagram shows the moment the singer jumped in on the fun. While her band kept their composure and continued playing, Glass couldn't contain her excitement, handing the mic to Armstrong and running around the stage with her jaw dropped before eventually joining him on vocals.

She explained her reaction further in an Instagram caption. "The moment your band gets joined on stage by your childhood idol to sing their own song with you… in your favourite dive bar," she wrote. "[Green Day] was the first band to get me into rock when I was 11 years old and I'm honestly just so made up." 

After "Basket Case" was over and Armstrong jumped down, Borderline Toxic continued their set by playing original music, not giving any more singers a chance to join them. 

Green Day will play a set of their own at Festival d'été de Québec on July 16. Until then, get your fix of the pop-punk icons with Armstrong and Borderline Toxic's version of "Basket Case" below.

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