Wasted Shirt

Fungus II

BY Safiya HopfePublished Feb 26, 2020

Psych-rock king Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale join forces — or rather, explosively collide — as Wasted Shirt, a long-awaited collaboration that has left fans expecting the unexpected.
Rightfully so: Fungus II, Wasted Shirt's debut, is a rapturous eruption, a trip on a fighter jet without a seatbelt. Opening track "All Is Lost" catapults us into a world of sound that expands, bends and breaks on its own terms. Tracks like "Harsho" showcase Chippendale's percussive prowess, which serves as the album's lightning-speed pulse. Sludgy repetition jolts us in and out of high-velocity trance in "The Purple One." At no point do we slow down or stop moving — Segall and Chippendale channel a landscape of catastrophe in which anything and everything goes, and you're either in or you're out.
Unrefined and uninhibited, Fungus II is a visceral journey through layers of chaos that refuse to be subdued. Wasted Shirt's first record makes it clear that the two have teamed up to indulge their impulses and then blow them up.
(Famous Class)

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