Wassabi Collective Cato

Wassabi Collective’s third self-produced EP Cato plays with tribal beats, electronica, trip-hop, reggae, house and funk to create the ultimate feel-good elixir. The Nelson, BC- based band are becoming a fixture in the underground festival circuit for good reason. Wassabi’s joyous sound takes you on a cosmic carpet ride from satisfaction to pure bliss. The 40-minute disc features vocalist and drummer Melissa Meretsky to fine form. She melds her voice with the drums in a way that makes it all sound connected, while bass, keyboards, guitars and a bit of sampling provides extra texture. Wassabi sings about environmental and social activism, but you might be too busy dancing to pick up on it. Cato is pure groove from start to finish. And while they could spike the punch with something a little heavier at times, you won’t mind too much. (Independent)