Warcrab Scars of Aeons

Warcrab  Scars of Aeons
Starting with Black Sabbath, England has produced some of the greatest doom bands in metal history. Hailing from Plymouth, Warcrab mix death-groove with their own indigenous doom stylings for a heady brew that will entice sludge fans far and wide.
Frontman Kane Nelson employs two distinctively tortured voices: a deeper bellow like Incantation growler John McEntee, and a higher-pitched scream like Grief's Jeff Hayward, and he uses both to grand success on opener "Conquest." Surrounded by Bolt Thrower-inspired death/doom passages, the eight-minute epic undergoes several tone and tempo changes, adding an air of progressivism to the band's brutality. "Destroyer of Worlds" heaves a massive, Crowbar-esque riff before settling into an unused Iron Monkey groove.
"In the Shadow of Grief" is like a more death-metal Bongzilla with EHG-influenced transitions. "Bury Me Before I'm Born" exposes an Erase-era Gorefest gravity, while the 10-minute marathon title track spotlights three guitarists trading wicked licks as the track phases from Negative Reaction to a slower Hooded Menace.
Sporting the raddest metal logo in recent years (think Borknagar with crab claws and feet), Warcrab weave a unique web of deathy doom that will continue to turn heads and snap necks. (Transcending Obscurity)