The War on Drugs "Tangled Up in Blue" (Bob Dylan cover)

The War on Drugs 'Tangled Up in Blue' (Bob Dylan cover)
Photo: Stephen McGill
The war on the War on Drugs rages on, as Mark Kozelek stuck it to them with a weird little comedy folk ditty last night (October 6). Rather than respond, however, the Philly rock group have taken on a slightly older songwriter, covering Bob Dylan.

While appearing on Minnesota's 89.3 The Current, the group offered an in-studio take of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks standout "Tangled Up in Blue." The full-band performance does justice to the original, and continues to demonstrate the band's many abilities.

In addition to that song, they played "An Ocean in Between the Waves" and "Eyes to the Wind." They also offered up a brief interview, with precisely zero mentions of Kozelek.

Listen to the War on Drugs perform live on the radio here.