Want to "Listen Like a Canadian"? Spotify Has an App for That

Want to 'Listen Like a Canadian'? Spotify Has an App for That
Spotify finally launched in Canada last week, and now the streaming service has launched a new web app that's geared specifically towards our country. It's called "Listen Like a Canadian."

The app's basic description is as follows: "Enter your favourite artist and we'll recommend some great Canadian music."

In other words, just enter the name of your favourite artist — Canadian or otherwise — and press the "Canadify" button. Spotify will then suggest a playlist of Canadian artists based on your original pick.

According to a press release, "This app applies music intelligence from the Echo Nest (a Spotify subsidiary) to analyze the given artist, find the most culturally and acoustically similar artists to generate the all-Canadian results."

For example, we told the app that we liked "Weird Al" Yankovic and it suggested William Shatner, Barenaked Ladies, Raffi, Crash Test Dummies and Moxy Früvous. (Okay, we were probably asking for trouble with that "Weird Al" pick.)

It's available in English, French and Chinese. Play around with the app right here.

Spotify is free, while a Spotify Premium account costs $10 a month and includes high-quality audio without adds, and the option to download and listen to content offline.