Wake Up Screaming: A Vans Warped Tour Documentary

Billed as a "one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes Vans Warped Tour” look, not only did they extremely overuse the hyphen, this DVD is also completely misrepresented. Hearken back to the days of childhood birthdays, your friends gathered around after an excitement-filled game of pin the tail on the donkey, eyes wide with expectation and that familiar birthday cake sugar high with presents piled up to your greedy eyes. All you have dreamt of, all you have hoped for is a Snoopy Snow Cone maker (at least, it was in my case, you may decide to insert unrequited childhood present here). Alas, all you got were frivolous things that would pass and wear away, the joy from your eyes slightly dulled without Snoopy in your life. This is nearly the same effect that this DVD has. One expects the excitement for music, energy and the electricity found at the Vans Warped Tour but instead this is a blatant Peta propaganda piece. My main gripe was the way it was completely, blatantly misrepresented as a music documentary when it is so from one. It made my eyes glaze over as this complete unknown talked about the breakdown of his marriage, growing up in Texas, and a plethora of other non-important details about himself. It might be a nice glory piece for him, but if you’re looking for music, bands and "behind the scenes” Warped Tour action, look elsewhere. (MVD)