Volebeats Like Her

Like Her is an arresting folk-rock album filled with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box. The Volebeats are no strangers to the Americana and folk-rock scene since Like Her is the band’s eighth album, but this is their first disc of new material since 2000. After only a couple of listens, one wonders what took these Motor City musical mates so long to get out these well crafted songs. These Detroit acoustic slingers and harmony lovers are the U.S. version of the Skydiggers and the Cash Brothers. Like Her features 11 catchy, folk-infused country-rock songs that are equal part surf and equal part twang. "Touch Me One Time,” is one of the best tracks and recalls the Skydiggers "She Comes into the Room” from Just Over This Mountain. Other highlights include the bouncy "Everytime,” and the pleading "Touch Me One Time.” (Turquoise Mountain)