VNCHY The Art of Survival

VNCHY The Art of Survival
VNCHY keeps blurring the lines of R&B, soul and hip-hop. The Congolese-Canadian artist relocated from Mississauga to L.A. last year, and has spent the past ten months putting in work on his recently released EP, The Art of Survival.
The EP's title track sets the tone, laying the foundation for The Art of Survival as an intimate voyage into the mind of VNCHY. Seamlessly combining his signature raspy flow with dripping melodic hooks, he establishes his method of dangerous appeal from the very beginning. Shifting his mood throughout, VNCHY describes the core of this project as, "Instinct — it's the flame that stays lit in each and every one of us, even in the most uncertain circumstances."
Switching his style on the Prezident Jeff-assisted, "Money Hungry," VNCHY starts out with modern classic R&B appeal that eventually takes a dark turn. "Money Hungry / You only love me just for my drive," he croons over airy, uncluttered production.
"Shooting Star" stands out with its buoyant beat, bringing a warm summer-night feeling that is complemented by VNCHY's seductive flow, while "Girl 2 the World" borders on a lyrically heavy hip-hop joint.
Boxing VNCHY into a specific category is difficult. He's best described as multidimensional for his complex way of peeling back the layers of his experience with every track; his ability to channel a vibe is undeniable. The Art of Survival is a combination of lyrical emotion and impenetrable production that, once heard, will be impossible to overlook. (Independent)