Vintage Destroyer Albums Get Reissued, Again

Vintage Destroyer Albums Get Reissued, Again
People can get a bit crazy about Vancouver's Dan Bejar, perhaps a bit too crazy. Maybe that's why the New Pornographer and Destroyer is having his latter band's second and thirds albums reissued for the second time in less than a year.

After Nominal Records reissued both City of Daughter and Thief in April of last year, the records, as well as 2001's Streethawk: A Seduction, are getting the same treatment once more by Destroyer's label since 2002, Merge Records.

The records will be released all at once on April 20, and as Merge tells us, "all three releases have been remastered and the CDs will feature shiny new packaging." And, no, sorry, there are no bonus tracks.

City of Daughters and Thief will reissued only on CD, while Streethawk will come on both LP and CD.

The reissued albums are now available for pre-order at the Merge store, including a CD bundle of all three albums.

City of Daughters:

1. "Comments on the World as Will"
2. "No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby)"
3. "The Space Race"
4. "Dark Purposes"
5. "Emax I"
6. "I Want This Cyclops"
7. "Loves of a Gnostic"
8. "Emax II"
9. "State of the Union"
10. "School, and the Girls Who Go There"
11. "Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie"
12. "War on Jazz II or How I Learned to Love the War on Jazz"
13. "Emax III"
14. "You Were So Cruel"
15. "Signs"
16. "Rereading the Marble Faun"
17. "Son of the Earth"


1. "Destroyer's the Temple"
2. "To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of a Vulture, I'll Go"
3. "The Way of Perpetual Roads"
4. "Canadian Lover/Falcon's Escape"
5. "City of Daughters"
6. "Every Christmas"
7. "Mercy (We Had the Right)"
8. "Queen of Languages"
9. "I. H. O. J."
10. "In Dreams"
11. "Death on the Festival Circuit"
12. "M. E. R. C. I."
13. "Thief"

Streethawk: A Seduction:

1. "Streethawk I"
2. "The Bad Arts"
3. "Beggars Might Ride"
4. "The Sublimation Hour"
5. "English Music"
6. "Virgin with a Memory"
7. "The Very Modern Dance"
8. "The Crossover"
9. "Helena"
10. "Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Sea of Tears)"
11. "Strike"
12. "Streethawk II"