Vic Spencer & Tree "Weed & Clothes"

Vic Spencer & Tree 'Weed & Clothes'
Chicago rappers Vic Spencer and Tree have been plotting their awesomely titled collaborative EP VicTree since last year, and with it due to arrive on June 30, they are now paying tribute to life's essentials with a track called "Weed & Clothes."

Despite the hedonistic implications of the refrain — which repeats the phrase "the weed and the clothes and the cars and the hoes" — the song touches on some dark subject, as a swirling beat provides the woozy backdrop for a description of the lengths that a woman goes to keep food on the table.

Spencer said in a statement, "Tree always wants to record — he's one of the most hard working guys I know. Tree chooses the artist that he likes to do projects with and thats what VicTree is. Vic Spencer on a visit to soultrapville. It's so different than anything that I've dropped. But I remained myself the entire visit."

Hear the song below. Look for VicTree to drop next week.