Vic Mensa "Down on My Luck" (video)

Vic Mensa 'Down on My Luck' (video)
While at first things are fucked up for Vic Mensa in his new video for "Down on My Luck," a series of Groundhog Day-style redos let the guy get his act together enough to properly enjoy a night out at the club.

Considering the dance club-geared groove of the track, the setting seems natural enough. As the rapper lurches his way through the crowd while rifling through texts, he encounters a few bum situations, from getting cold-cocked by an aggro patron to being roofied by a femme fatale. A deux ex machina, however, lets him circumnavigate the bad times, allowing him to duck punches, dump drinks and eventually just wild out on the dancefloor.

You'll see Mensa head through the scene over and over again down below.