BY Sean PalmerstonPublished Sep 1, 2000

The fact that Venom is making new records seems almost unfathomable. The original over-the-top speed metal band was at the top of the heap in 1984-'85, so to get a record as good as Resurrection, nearly 15 years later, is mind blowing. The most amazing thing about this record is how technically proficient the band has become. While Venom was loved the first time around, a lot of the admiration had more to do with their image than their actual musical talent. The band was much better known for their outlandish live shows than their records, which were good but not great. This is definitely not the case anymore. Vocalist/bassist Cronos sounds like a man possessed on songs such as "War Against Christ," "Man Myth & Magic" and "Leviathan," and with new drummer Annton, replacing original member (and sub par drummer) Abbaddon, the trio has never sounded more musically muscular than here.

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