Veil Of Maya

The Common Man's Collapse

BY Dave SynyardPublished Apr 24, 2008

Their name is obscure, yes, but in metal sometimes the odder a moniker the more power found behind the music. Veil Of Maya represents a mask that hides people from the illusions of everyday life, but there is no concealing the technical guitar dominance found on this death metal/hardcore record. With a full force of fluid guitar movements to induce Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, "Crawl Back” demonstrates the band’s technical ability and proves their similarity and talent, akin to genre-mates the Black Dahlia Murder. Much like any band found in this realm of metal, drummer Sammy Applebaum ravages his kit with relentless agility on "It’s Not Safe To Swim Today,” with tightly knit bass and snare lines in a lock-step style that also illustrates the strong influence of hardcore rhythms. Lead singer Brandon Butler delivers his wrath via thrashy throat tones that lend a perfect blend to this collection of auditory filth. You may now lift the veil and kiss your bride.

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