Various The World's Greatest Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne

Dubbing your compilation "The World’s Greatest Tribute” is lofty and pretentious. You’d better have a set of brass balls the size of Tokyo to back it up. Ozzy Osbourne has been the subject of many a tribute, some great and some forgettable. Welcome to the urinal disc edition. Not only does the track listing forget, oh, about two decades of Osbourne’s recorded history with no less than eight of the 12 tracks being from the Randy Rhodes years (arguably the best years though), but the list of contributors reads like a rock’n’roll obituary, eliciting more than one, "Oh…he’s still around?” From former Priest wailer Tim "Ripper” Owens and Yngwie Malmsteem defiling "Mr. Crowley,” to Warrant’s Reb Beach on "I Don’t Know,” Alex Skolnick (Testament) wanking out "Goodbye To Romance,” Lita Ford performing the obvious "Close My Eyes Forever,” and Mark Slaughter’s abominable take of "Over The Mountain,” this is just ridiculous. Save for Children of Bodom’s "Shot In The Dark,” not one of these tracks is performed even close to as well or interestingly as the original and that too reeks of more "leave it” than "take it.” Ozzy Osbourne is rolling over in his grave and the dude isn’t even dead yet. (Magick)