Various Volume One

Known for their work in the visual arts, clothing and whatever else they fancy dabbling in, the Thisish crew from Brooklyn have now released a compilation of instrumental beats with the help of Large Professor on hosting duties, which is basically just Extra P giving his seal of approval with a few big-ups here and there. Marshall Law, Cresh Frazy and Jonny Five are the producers at hand and they lean towards the electronic side of hip-hop beats along the same lines as Riow Arai and Prefuse 73, with the stuttering drum stabs and overall challenging approach to delivering a sample. There are some really nice moments, such as the summertime horns of "Daydream” and the borderline trip-hop of "Her March,” which both sound a little dated given the popularity of the vibe over the last decade, but still manage to sound relevant. One of the best numbers comes from Cresh Frazy, as he strings several piano notes together to make a solid run at "Piano Lessons,” and when mixed together with a number of other interesting attempts at cutting up drums this musical endeavour by the Thisish crew is worth checking out. If anything, it just goes to show how multi-talented this collective are when it comes to branching out to the various forms of artistic movements in hip-hop. (Thisish)