Various Touch 25

Perhaps a key to the content of this 25th anniversary collection of tracks by the Touch roster is the accompanying booklet of photographs by in-house camera slinger Jon Wozencroft. The pictures range from pastoral views of landscapes to macro explorations of abstracted space to frozen cityscapes and interiors. Some are presented as-is while others, at least subtly, are tweaked for colour or composition. These run parallel to the sounds, such as BJ Nilsen’s "Gotland,” recorded evidence of a windy, frigid stay on the SW coast of that island, or Chris Watson’s "Oujela Mine,” the spliced mechanism of a railway town in Mexico. Oren Ambarchi and Fennesz present their signature painterly examinations of the pastoral, with Ambarchi’s guitar a little deeper in a thicket than his compatriot. Biosphere in turn visits the woods and finds the animals to be pretty randy buggers in the watery and windy "Spring Fever.” Peter Rehberg takes us back to town to show us the inside of a hard disc on "TT1205.” The family album includes posts by Pan Sonic, Rafael Toral, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck… on and on. Many different hands, eyes and ears, but side-by-side they make a kind of sense together. (Touch)