Various Stones Throw 101

Sure you finally get to watch the Stones Throw videos that you've never seen on MuchMusic all on one DVD, but given the history and potential of this incredible hip-hop and funk label you can't help but be a little disappointed with the lack of additional goods. The best footage comes from Charizma, as the late, great MC shines in his video for "Red Light Green Light," which was pieced together from old videotapes Peanut Butter Wolf found in his closet, as well as a 1992 appearance on a local television show called Home Turf. Just watching the host give props in a San Jose Sharks jersey makes you wish it was that golden age again. Egon's mission to track down LA Carnival, one of many lost funk bands that Stones Throw has introduced to a new generation, is also vital viewing. Still, there could have been so much more to offer from this already legendary label, especially given the fact this is their 101st release after all. (Stones Throw/Koch)