Various Seashore Sessions Volume One

Broken-beat tends to be known for its experimental edge over house and techno, but lately a lot of it seems to sacrifice dance floor appeal. Seashore Sessions may not be representative of the latest thing, but its vibe is celebratory and lively. Kaidi Tatham's Agent K project, the sole representative of the West London scene, kicks a fat, rolling beat and nonsensical lyrics on "Feed the Cat," almost as a tribute to Roy Ayers and P-Funk. Tracks by Reel People, Aquanote and Nuspirit Helsinki (featuring Lisa Shaw) take the tempo up a notch, lacing swift beats, warm vocals and chords with a lot of colour. Yukhiro Fukutomi's "The Spinning Wheel" is laidback with some jazzy, Brazilian instrumentation, while Jimpster's "Closer To You" slows down to a sexy groove in the spirit of early '80s soul. There are few tracks that are less adventurous and even sound a little imitative, but overall there's enough here for constant rotation. (EFA)