One Year & A Day: A Sound Exposure Vol. 2

BY Marinko JarebPublished Jul 23, 2008

Berlin’s DJ Scientist, owner and operator of Equinox Records, has outdone himself as a tastemaker, compiler and designer with the release of his One Year & A Day series. Part one consisted of five limited edition five-inch vinyl records. Part two is packaged more traditionally but the music is equally dramatic and forward thinking, further defining the genre-bending sonic imprint that is Equinox. Despite the epic nature of Scientist’s tastes, there is a very raw and emotional overtone to this music. Toronto’s Vangel turns out a soul-stomper and break beat romper with his contribution, "A Different Direction.” Deadpan Darling’s "Laugh Track” is an indie rock masterpiece with urban sensibilities about escaping the monotony of everyday life by imagining a laugh track in your head as you go about your business. DJ Scientist’s piece, entitled "Didn’t We,” takes the piss out of ’50s crooners and has a very serious, almost deadpan, melancholy undertone to it. Equinox Records is emerging from the ashes of the music industry bonfire as a shining example of what to do when everything around you is falling apart: you take the pieces you like and reassemble them to make sense and beauty.

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