Various Nativity In Black II: A Tribute To Black Sabbath

Much like its predecessor, this second instalment of Nativity In Black is a huge disappointment. The influence Black Sabbath has had on hard music is undeniable; due to their originality and innovation in their first ten years. And while most bands owe huge to the Sabbath legacy, most of them don't hold a flame to what Sabbath accomplished and many of them just sound like shit covering the band. Out of the first six songs, only two are even worth mentioning - Megadeth's live rendering of "Never Say Die" has Dave Mustaine doing his best Ozzy live impersonation, while Pantera absolutely mops up with their balls-out rendition of "Electric Funeral." The second half of the CD is marginally better, with Slayer, Soulfly and Primus all doing their thing on Sabbath classics. And while having Ozzy go into the studio with Busta Rhymes to redo "Iron Man" may have seemed like a good idea, ultimately the execution falls short. (Virgin)