Various Melodies and Structures 2

This compilation brings together techno, electro-pop and more experimental sounds. There are a lot of cool tracks on here. Some of the best ones are Tristraum’s "Shiver,” with its broken beats, wiggly bass and weird electronic noises; Hypnotech 3’s "Nowhere Girl” samples the track of the same, but is otherwise a fun experimental techno track; Falter Bramnk’s "Bagatelle” is, like the name suggests, a bit of carefree fun, in this case experimental bloopy weirdness; and the album ends the beautiful female vocals of Freakcontrol’s "Enigma.” The contributors to this compilation come from around the world and are probably unknown to most listeners. Don’t let the lack of recognition fool you, there are not many bad tracks to point at, unless you happen to hate electro-pop, in which case a few will really annoy you, and the production is professional quality. But for techno with a good dose of experimentation, and a few tracks with a little bit of an industrial disco influence, there are lots of worthy, funky tracks to choose from. (4mg)